Friday, February 29, 2008

Posting from sick bay

Home sick today. We've had the flu or whatever you want to call it whizzing through our house. Sammy was sick first, cuz he's a little magnet for whatever bugs are in the ether. Then Matt got sick, which is weird cuz he never gets sick. But he was a mess: coughing and shivery and miserable. I've been teetering on the brink and working sick all week and last night the combo sinus headache/migraine/cough just did me in. The only ones who escaped so far are Emma and Molly. Molly's got a perpetually disgusting snotty nose, but that's hardly news. Healthy, healthy Emma is unscathed, although she did sprain her ankle in gym the other day. I always said gym is evil.

So I'm home. Hope to nap--soon.

It's rare to be alone, actually. Molly's off at daycare, so no baby chasing. Last night when we got home, I had a yucky headache, felt awful. Matt is on an out of town author visit. And inexplicably, Molly didn't want to sit quietly rubbing my temples and saying "I understand, I'll let you rest." Luckily, we have stored-up "Teletubbies" on the DVR. Ah, TV. Nature's babysitter. "Teletubbies" is the only thing that will keep Molly riveted and still. The minute she sees that Baby Sun she starts clapping. And she looks at us as if to say "Could it be? Really? 'Teletubbies'? Do you see this? Guys? Guys?" When she is crying, we sing the "Teletubbies" theme and it instantly calms her down. But then she starts looking at the TV and is a little confused/distressed that it's not on. We're just a tease.

"Teletubbies" has also led to Molly's newest favorite trick. If you ask her a question, especially, "Where have the Teletubbies gone?" She cocks her head to the side lifts her hands, and shrugs her shoulders. It's awesome.

So I realized it's been so long since I posted, and much has happened. Mostly, Molly started walking. It was right in the middle of January, just after winter break. She was 13 1/2 months, which officially makes her the earliest walker among all my kids. She really is fantastic. Maybe she'll potty train early, too!

When she walks, she leads with her belly, and her belly is considerable., which makes her look a little like Alfred Hitchcock.

Our camera crapped out, so I don't have good walking pictures of Molly, but I'll post a few fairly recent pics here.

Molly and Sammy.

MMMM... yogurt. Note the hair flip.

Molly engages in her favorite hobby--making phone calls. Emma hasn't taught her how to IM yet.

Molly and her buddy Abe share a moment.

One last comment: Can I say how excited I am that Wisconsin did the right thing and voted Obama by 17 percent. Woo-hoo!! Biting our nails here until Tuesday in Texas and Ohio. I just don't trust those Clintons. And they've got help now from the Repub. slime machine b/c everyone's scared of running against Barack. With good reason. I love him.