Saturday, April 12, 2008

Keith Olbermann, eat your heart out.

Sam: What kind of animal is a chicken?

Me: Hmmm. You really don't know? Well, what does it have on its body?

Sam: Uhhh, fur?

Me: You really don't know?

Sam: Yes! I know!

Me: Well, what is it then?

Sam: The question is, what doesn't it have on its body?

Me: Answer the question!

Sam: Uhhh, hair?

Me (to assembled family members): He really doesn't know! He's not a farmer.

Matt: Ok, think about this. "Which came first the chicken or the..."

Sam: Egg!

Matt: And what kind of animal lays eggs, and has feathers, and wings...?

Me: I can't believe Sammy didn't know that a chicken was a bird.

Sam: Mom! I blanked! You were yelling at me like Chris Matthews and I blanked!


Deirdre said...

I read this to Greg about five minutes ago, and he's STILL laughing. Love it!

erika said...

this just about made me pee my pants. i really need to go back and read everything....but this....
good stuff.
my boys thought chickens were ducks until recently. or was it ducks were chickens?
i'm not sure.
but they were confused.