Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Auf Wiedersehen

On a recent episode of "Sesame Street," Elmo is talking with Heidi Klum about the word "cooperation." Molly, who only half-watches SS most of the time (Elmo and Cookie Monster are interesting, Maria and Alan, not so much) got very animated pointing at the screen and yelling "Mama! Mama!!" This has happened again on several repeated viewings. (Have I mentioned that the TV is a wonderful babysitter?) so I know it's not a fluke. Yay for me! I am Heidi Klum! Now Molly has identified lots of people as Mama and Daddy (incl. Daddy=cowboy singer/sometime actor Vaugh Monroe in the 1952 movie "Toughest Man in Arizona." Still, this is encouraging.


The resemblance is striking.


Deirdre said...

I guess "Toughest Man in Wisconsin" just doesn't have the same oomph, eh?

And, Liza, I knew you reminded me of someone very leggy. Thanks for placing it!

mamele said...


a few yrs ago, a little orthodox girl shyly approached me in the pediatrician's waiting room. i was reading People magazine. she pointed to the cover and whispered, "that's YOU!"

it was cindy crawford. theeeeeeenks, bayla rivka!