Friday, January 4, 2008

Words Her Way

The doctors keep asking whether Molly's saying any words, in light of her fluid-filled, plugged-up ears. But to my mind, her language is exploding. I can only imagine what'll happen when they put the tubes in her ears: SHAKESPEARE!

Here's a list of words Miss Fanaye likes to say (besides the obvious mama and daddy):

1. "Kitty." This is her favorite word. It's used to refer to cats, dogs, and her Grandpa Dennis. Today, we met my friend "Kitty"--oops! I meant "Katie" for lunch. Looking for kitties, she says "kiiiii-ttyyyyy" in a plaintive voice. And when she finds one, it's an excited/delighted "Kitty!" Sort of like "Eureka!"

2. "Nose" and "Eyes" She points to appropriate body parts and almost never pokes your eyes out.

3. "Hi." Kind of a no-brainer, that one.

4. "Yes" and "No."

5. "More." I'm trying to teach her some sign language, but I'm not sure she knows what this means. However, she can say "more" and make the ASL sign for it, too. But she she really wants more, she just reaches across the the table.

6. "Nice." We've been working really hard on not pulling the kitties' fur, so we say "NIIIIIIIIICE" whenever we gently pet the cats.

See? Not bad, huh?

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