Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Girl Likes to Potty All the Time...

Miss Molly loves the potty. She talks about it all the time. She points it out whenever possible. She pats our cat Abe and says "Potty. Potty." (Truth be known, I wish Abe would pay a bit more attention...).

So not to brag, but today Molly was in the bathroom and started getting really excited about seeing the potty. So I figured, why not try it? After all, Matt, Em, and Sam were at the movies, and we had nothing else to do. So I sat her down (we don't even have a toddler potty seat yet) and... she peed! In the potty! She's not quite 19 months old and it's not like we're expecting anything for like a year. I know it was serendipitous. But still! She peed! In the potty!

Now whenever she goes in the bathroom, she tries to pull down her little pants cuz she wants to sit on it again.

I'm so proud. At this point, she'll train way earlier than either her brother or her sister.

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